Over the past weeks and months, live events have been back to Australia and New Zealand. All kinds of events took place from concerts to theater plays. Fans were able, once again, to fill seats and enjoy live entertainment.

We wanted to hear from fans themselves to understand what it has been like returning to events of all kinds. Hence, we reached out and asked for their thoughts and experiences. The result? As you will see in the video below the passion and excitement for live is as palpable as ever.

It’s amazing to hear the stories of fans back at shows and despite some precautions, still thoroughly enjoying live shows. Here are a few more quotes from fans we spoke to;

“Yes it was busy and yes we had to go through all sorts of different lines and check-ins etcetera etcetera, but the whole thing ran smoothly and certainly didn’t detract from our enjoyment of the show.”

Annette, Australia

“I think it’s really important that everyone gets out and keeps living their life and enjoying themselves, it’s great for mental health.”

Sarah, Australia

“The atmosphere of the bands, and everything was great. Totally keen to go again. Actually looking forward to the beer festival coming up.”

Tracey, New Zealand

“Just to be able to go back out and have fun, seeing all the live theater is just a great way to spend your life. Can’t wait to get out and see my next show.” “I couldn’t find too much different to attending the event prior to COVID-19 and to now, except everything moved a lot smoother and quickly.”

Karen, Australia

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