Slayer, the legendary rock band, arrives in Athens this summer – July 13, 2019 – for one final concert for their Greek fans! Their visit will be the opening gig for AthensRocks Festival, a newly established festival by High Priority Promotions.

But who exactly is High Priority Promotions? On their site one can see some of the most famous concerts that took place in Greece:

  • U2,
  • REM,
  • Madonna,
  • Roger Waters,
  • Sting, Metallica, AC / DC,
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers,
  • Muse,
  • Iron Maiden,
  • Arctic Monkeys,
  • Robbie Williams

and many more. So, they must know what they are doing; and indeed they do.

The company was founded by experts, Nana Trantou artistic director and co-owner of DiDi music and Kosta Theloura production manager for many years in DiDi Music. They had the vision of moving forward and creating High Priority Promotions, bringing along their side great experience and know-how, their endless passion for good music and an amazing team sharing same vision.

So everyone, get ready for the “AthensRocksFestival that will bring Slayer for their last concert this summer!

And many more concerts are yet to come, starting with Dropkick Murphys or Bullet for my Valentine and U.D.O.

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High Priority Promotions has arrived and they promise you a lot of live music!

Stay tuned…

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