Ticketmaster Hellas is happy to officially announce the opening of its cooperation with the OPAP Group. Ticketmaster will offer its online ticketing platform via the large network of OPAP agencies.

OPAP Group has the widest network of points of sale in Greece, with more than 4,000 agencies. Tickets, primarily, will be available in specific stores and gradually these will be increased. OPAP stores that will be part of the ticketing program will provide tickets for a variety of events, such as the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, High Priority Promotions concerts, AEK FC games, as well as for a number of other concerts, festivals and theatrical productions.

The main objective is to have a successful collaboration in order to offer innovative and high-quality services, gaining the customer satisfaction. By extending our retail network, the general public will be able to get instantly updated on all new events, purchase tickets easy and while they enjoy the OPAP stores services, use the advanced Tora Wallet payment.

We welcome this new partnership and wish every success!

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