Ticketmaster Sport and the Qatar Football Association (QFA) today announce a multi-year extension of their existing long term partnership.

Ticketmaster Sport’s industry-leading sports ticketing technology will be utilised by QFA to elevate every aspect of the fan experience providing a 100% digital experience with customised branding, box office and access control solutions. 

“We are honoured to continue our partnership with QFA and thank them for the trust they have shown in us,” said Dimitrios Petropoulos, Business Development Director, Ticketmaster Sport. “Our tailored sporting solutions will provide football fans with a superior service, with our leading digital ticketing technology ensuring a seamless experience from ticket discovery right through to the match.”

“Ticketing is a crucial part of professional football since it connects fans with their favourite teams” said Khalid Al Kuwari, Director of Marketing & Communications, QFA “Ticketmaster provides industry leading tools to the QFA family, including a digital ticketing solution, helping us to ensure the safety of live sport for all fans”

As the governing body of football in Qatar, QFA has spearheaded the rapid growth of football participation to become one of the most popular sports in the country. QFA is set to host the FIFA World Cup later this year with more than 15 million fans expected to attend the tournament.