Ticketmaster is happy to announce its new partnership with ILIAS LALAOUNIS JEWELRY MUSEUM (ILJM).

ILJM opened in 1994 as a decorative arts museum. It is one of the three in its kind in the world regarding the art of jewelry. Furthermore, it includes more than 4.500 artifacts designed by Ilias Lalaounis himself. This year, the museum innovates. It gives the opportunity to its visitors to purchase their tickets digitally, quickly and safely, via Ticketmaster’s website. The ticket categories are:

  • Individual ticket

Learn the stories behind the jewelry and designs of Ilias Lalaounis. With your individual ticket you can wander around the museum and explore new exhibitions. Also, you can keep the necessary safety measures to protect you from COVID-19. Discover more solutions for the return to live.

  • Group ticket

With the group ticket you are offered a tour of the museum by its expert curators. Specifically, the tours will take place in very small groups of 5 people. Moreover, ILJM offers to its visitors daily tours of the:

  1. permanent collection
  2. video projection for the collections and
  3. special presentations of jewelry processing techniques at the Living Artists’ Workshops.

A comprehensive cultural visit in the center of Athens with a view of Acropolis while discovering the artwork of Ilias Lalaounis.


Admission: 5euros / person
School Groups: 4euros / student
Guided Tours for Groups up to 5 persons: 40euros / group 
Free entrance tickets can be provided only at the museum’s premises

Buy your e-ticket now at ticketmaster.gr and visit the ILIAS LALOUNIS JEWELRY MUSEUM in Athens.