Digital tickets have been in our lives before the lockdown but it is estimated that they will be an essential part of the ticketing world from now on. With digital tickets, you can give your crowd easy access to the tickets they crave. Digital ticketing means more flexibility for your fans, enhanced security and more marketing data for you.

No more copied tickets or long queues at the venue. Digital ticketing is the secure, hassle-free option for your events. The future of ticketing has arrived.

All in one place

Everything your crowd needs to attend your event is right there on their mobile. Fans find shows, buy tickets and enter the venue in a few taps. They can easily send tickets to friends and family at the last minute. 

They can either keep their ticket as a PDF file or they can download it in their wallet. Regardless of the way they choose, they will have information regarding the safety measures applied, information about the venue and anything the organizers deem essential for their fans (e.g. event info or a marketing campaign etc)

Increase Sales

Capture last minute sales; sell right up to the main act. There’s no need to go off sale hours before the show. With digital tickets you can stay on sale until the main act, maximizing those last-minute sales and walk ups. You can even offer upgrades and upsells last minute for those who are in the mood for a treat.

Minimize contact 

Improve efficiency and fan experience with a fast and frictionless entry to the event. With your last minute sales and upgrades happening online, there’s no need for a Box Office on site. Also the barcodes on digital tickets can be scanned in a way to keep your fans and staff safe.

Making Live More Secure

With more fans holding their own individual ticket, you can know who is in the venue at any time.

Keeping your fans and staff safe is top priority. Digital ticketing enables contactless entry, keeping fans and venue staff at a safe distance. If required, digital tickets can help you create a more accurate contact tracing programme.

Moreover, you can reduce ticket fraud. Specifically, every ticket has a unique barcode that is being scanned through our access control system. This way, only valid tickets can be approved and no fake or duplicate tickets can enter the venue.

More Marketing Power

With tickets being transferred to individual fans, you now get to know more fans than ever before. Every ticket recipient has the opportunity to opt in to hear from you, increasing your marketing reach for your next event.

You will be able to learn more about your audience, getting insight and data on more than just the ticket buyer, so you can make your marketing more relevant for each fan.

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Go eco-friendly

Be sustainable by switching to mobile tickets and save paper! 🍃

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