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Web users can be linked with each other so that:

The primary account can buy tickets for the subsidiary account
An account can be merged under another account, with the merged becoming inaccessible
All of the merged account’s history is transferred in the parent account
Any open actions (e.g. reservation payment) of the merged account is possible from the parent account

Waiting List

Through this functionality an operator can create a waiting list in case of a sold out or zero availability event. Adding people or modifying details is very fast and efficient.

The waiting list has two statuses:

Registering: when potential customers express their interest to buy tickets in case of a sudden availability
Serving: when they are being served in a first-come /first-served manner

The list keeps track of the status for each entry and provides statistics of how many were served by getting tickets, how many were surpassed because they didn’t show up, which customer is being currently served etc. There is also a REST service that exposes all this info for consumption by digital signage software (monitor screens showing white list entries etc.).

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