Qatar Stars League, with help from Ticketmaster’s digital ticketing, welcomed its fans to its stadium to attend its matches. Ticketmaster ‘s proposal was a fully digital and contactless ticketing solution that was proved to be the cornerstone of the safety protocol conducted by local authorities for #returntolive.

Here are a few highlights that QSL achieved with Ticketmaster’s technology:

  • 100% of fans entered the stadium gates with digital tickets accessible on their smartphones. All the tickets were completely personalized with full ticket holder details in order to track a potential case more efficiently
  • Contact between fans and staff was minimized due to a completely contact-less entry experience. Every ticket had a recommended time for entry to avoid big queues on the access control
  • With the new seat mapping that took social distancing into consideration, fans were able to find a seat with ample space between each other. This way the fans felt safe to enjoy the match.
  • There was a Bidirectional Integration with Access Control in order to have full visibility about who was about to access the venue

The result?

Positive feedback was received from the local market and the #returntolive plan will be extended to the QSL matches of next season.

More than 20.000 tickets were sold online in 2 weeks.

Fans are eager to return to live events safely, and digital tickets will become will be the tool to help achieve that. As more strict measures will slowly start to be recalled, Ticketmaster will continue to work to help their partners to plan their #returntolive process.