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Stefanos Kakaranzas


Stefanos provides customer relationship, operational management and business development for all areas of the business. It also manages the team that with its technology supports major world tournaments. Having worked in ticket issuance since 2001, he has many important milestones in his career, such as being the Ticket Manager for the Athens Olympic & Paralympic Games in 2004. He also founded Tickethour, a company acquired by Ticketmaster in 2016.

Dimitris Petropoulos

Commercial Development Manager
Dimitris is responsible for the development of Ticketmaster Hellas products and technology in Greece, as well as in international markets and the tournament industry. He has worked with many leading international sports clubs and organizations, including:
of the Belgian Proleague
the 1st European Games Baku 2015
The Handball World Cup
AC Millan vs Juventus and FC Barcelona – Al Ahli.

Alexis Papageorgiou

Sales Manager
Alexis has worked in the ticket and event industry for over 14 years. Specifically states
I consider myself very lucky, as I have worked as a ticket coordinator for football teams, concerts and multiple – high demand – events. In addition, during these years, I was given the opportunity to work as a production and event manager as well.

Efi Karkani

Business Development Director

Efi’s main mission is to create and manage strong and efficient teams of executives that provide a unique service experience, in a diverse, top-profile domestic and international B2B customer base active in the field of sports and cultural events. With 14 years of experience in the field of electronic ticketing and having supported this industry on the part of the organizer and the ticketing tool manager, he has the ability to understand in depth every need of our partners and to support the leading teams to provide the ideal solution to any requirement.

She states:
” I consider a great advantage of my position, that I am given the opportunity to collaborate simultaneously with different departments of TM and our clientele through the process of delivering works of different interest. Communicating with executives in charge of so many different responsibilities helps me to constantly adapt and evolve as a person and as a professional. Of course, I could not miss the fact that I am lucky to be able to watch, when my schedule allows, productions and sports events organized by our partners! ”
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Stratos Keramidas

Engineering Director

Stratos has more than 17 years of experience as a software engineer. He has worked on a wide range of applications such as image analysis, insurance, ticketing systems and e-commerce.

Since 2016, he has joined the Ticketmaster family and took part in demanding projects in 15 countries.

In his spare time he enjoys a good movie, likes to travel and plays tennis.

Gavrilas Rose

Software Engineer
Triantafyllos is a lover of technology with over 12 years of experience in large-scale demanding projects. Its role is to oversee the software development team in developing and maintaining software applications and cloud infrastructure according to business needs. It also establishes policies and procedures that produce high quality software products and services. Creates operational strategies and specific goals for the software team. Finally, develop budgets, policies and procedures to support operational infrastructure.

Marianna Filippopoulou

Financial controller
Marianna joined the Ticketmaster Hellas team in 2017 as a Financial Controller.

Elena Thomas

Project Manager
Elena has 9 years of experience as a project manager in the fields of Technology, Digital Consulting and Retail, with passion and methodology in the fields of Program Management, Lean Six Sigma and Agile Methodologies. She joined the company in 2018, where she was given the opportunity to work on some really exciting international tournament projects and to lead transformation projects through strategy, technology, process engineering and change management. She loves festivals, a good theater and an exciting game!

Loriana Pepi

Marketing & Sales Support Manager
Loriana is responsible for Ticketmaster Hellas’s B2C & B2B marketing strategy. Its role is to help customers make the most of their partnership with Ticketmaster. She loves live entertainment and participates in events with a social impact.

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