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Panoramic section view

Online users are able of having a panoramic view of their selected section, as well as views of the other venue segments, such us:

Training centres
Venue hallways
Locker rooms
VIP rooms

Dashboard – Reporting
Effective, real-time, accurate reporting

An effective Ticketing Program needs planning and deep consideration. Yet since each market is different, sales progress might cause alterations on the initial design. Furthermore, sales (high or low demand of tickets) often determine the number of personnel used, the functions to be involved, even the venue each session will take place. Therefore, it has become clear that a fast, real-time-data reporting tool was necessary. To support such needs, Ticketmaster is providing the Box-office Dashboards, with which organizers are able to:

  • Receive real-time data /updates on sales per buyer type or payment type or sales channel or through time or other
  • Monitor the most important sales indicators/measures
  • Easier review results as all visualizations fit on a single computer screen
  • Consult and organize more effective marketing campaigns
  • Show results not only to executive experts but also to the general workforce

B2B Platform

Often in sales several requests arise from stakeholders, which are complicated to handle.

To minimise the time spent on managing these requests, we are improving our portals for stakeholders themselves to be able distributing their pre-allocated tickets according demand. Thanks to our systems’ web-based nature the procedure will be as simple as possible for the user to allocate hundreds of tickets.

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