Intelligent Business Forces announced that it will be launching its inaugural Athens Women’s Football Summit. It is the 1st International Women’s Football Conference to be held in the historic capital of Greece – the birthplace of athletics, democracy. The event will be on the 16th and ‪17th of October, 2019.

IBF is an international organisation fostering the growth of companies, organisations and football clubs. It is a leading international sports and business company with a worldwide network of experts and strategic partners. So, it fosters global pathways for corporations, investors, entrepreneurs, NGO’s, football clubs and sports organizations. 

“What you leave behind in not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”


The AthensWFS (1st International Conference) is part of a broader mission being pursued. IBF wants to bring investment to and grow the girls’ and women’s Beautiful Game on a global scale. In addition, they want to promote gender equality, inclusion, and positive societal change via the powerful vehicle of the world’s greatest social phenomenon: football (soccer). It’s about creating, giving, uniting and inspiring – unleashing potential and enriching lives for the now and for the long run.

Stefanos Kakarantzas (COO Ticketmaster Hellas) states:

“For all of us in Ticketmaster, having worked for many years with football clubs and federations, both in Greece and worldwide, it is our pleasure to become a Strategic Partner of this new, well promising effort of promoting women’s football”.

Marios Christos Sfantos, Esq., IBF Partner, Football Executive Αdvisor and AthensWFS co-organiser, said:

“The groundbreaking Athens Women’s Football Summit will be an annual gathering of investors and international sports business and football leaders, as well as players, coaches, NGOs and other vital stakeholders, … and it will not only focus on global investment and business opportunities in women’s football, but it will celebrate the women’s Beautiful Game and further raise awareness of the unique challenges these amazing athletes and coaches have to overcome daily as they fight to achieve an equal footing…”

IBF Founder & CEO, Ex-GM at PANATHINAIKOS FC and AthensWFS co-organizer Agisilaos Toumazatos, said:

“Women’s football is a rapidly growing market which provides both strong commercial potential and valuable corporate responsibility possibilities – and companies, federations and governments have finally begun to recognize and act upon this exciting new reality. It is honored to IBF and AthensWFS the Strategic Partnership with the Ticketmaster. We thank and appreciate Ticketmaster for its support”

Invest. Empower. Inspire. #AthensWFS

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