Only a few days have been left until September 27th, Eric Burdon ‘s last major concert in his beloved Greece. The concert will be at the historic Herodion in Athens. As he says, this is a very special moment in his legendary career.

Having now established a special relationship with our country and the Greek audience, Eric Burdon recently asked his friends to send the songs they loved the most over the years to include them on the set list of the evening. The response was impressive!

Which songs where chosen?

  1. «The House Of The Rising Sun»
  2. «It’s My Life»
  3. «Do not Let Me Be Misunderstood»,
  4. «The Night»,
  5. «We Gotta Get OUT oF This Place »,
  6. ” Spill The Wine “,
  7. ” When I Was Young “,” Tobacco Road “,
  8. ” I Put A Spell On You “,
  9. ” Paint It Black ”

where among them. Or maybe not? We’ll have to find out at the concert!

He commented on the big day: Today I look at the Herodion and the Acropolis from afar . The days are coming when I will be standing in front of you playing music with my band and touching these sacred territories. My life and my art have led me to different places all over the planet and there are still a few that I have not met in my long career. However, I can say for sure that this show will be a unique, unprecedented experience, a historic one for me someday. I am looking forward to sharing that night with you.”

Ticketmaster Hellas is pleased to announce that will be the official ticketing provider to the concert of Eric Burdon at Herodion on 27 September.

With our ticketing services, the fans will be able to choose their favorite seat on the Herodion. They will receive their phones in order to print at home. Moreover, they can save their tickets on their mobile phone if they prefer it.

Mr. Stefanos Kakarantzas, COO at Ticketmaster Hellas, commented:

“It is our honor that a “living legend” like Eric Burdon will come back to Athens to sing songs that are going to stay in history. We are all looking forward to be under the Acropolis and see him live”

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