A new opportunity is emerging for European Meta users seeking an ad-free social network experience. To comply with evolving European regulations, users can now enjoy this feature. Here’s what you need to know and the next steps to take regarding its effects on digital advertising.

What’s Changing?

Starting November 2023, users of Facebook and Instagram within the EU, EEA and Switzerland can enhance their accounts by opting for an ad-free experience. This feature comes with an additional monthly charge and can be accessed through the Meta Account Center. Meta is introducing this option in response to user demand for more choices and to ensure compliance with European regulations, particularly the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This move aligns with user preferences in these regions. It’s important to note that the free version will still be available, so advertisers need not take any immediate drastic actions.

Impact on Campaigns and What to Do

While your live event digital campaigns will continue to reach users on the free version throughout Europe, the extent of the impact of the new paid offering on your campaign audiences is yet to be determined. When Snapchat introduced a comparable subscription featuring additional features in Europe, Australia, the US and Canada—priced at less than half of Meta’s ad-free subscription—only 1.5% of users opted for the paid tier historically. In response, Meta advises advertisers not to take immediate action following this update.

If you’re working with Ticketmaster on live events and digital marketing or are involved in similar industries, consider the following steps:

  1. Keep a close eye on your marketing campaigns to spot any notable changes in reach, engagement and conversions.
  2. Leverage organic content on your event or artist channels and collaborate with influential individuals to create valuable content for your audience.
  3. Assess how Meta campaigns fit into your broader digital strategy. While changes may not be necessary, there could be new opportunities worth exploring. 

Stay Updated

Ticketmaster collaborates closely with Meta and other social platforms to keep you informed. For more information, you can read about the impact of the Digital Services Act from earlier in 2023. Feel free to contact your local Ticketmaster team for assistance with ticket sales for your event.