Ticketmaster is proud to announce an official ticketing partnership with Athens-based top-flight club Panathinaikos FC.

In conjunction with the new partnership, Ticketmaster will provide the Club with a range of innovative digital products, providing PAO fans with the ability to buy tickets at pao.gr or ticketmaster.gr and download and save tickets via mobile.

“We are delighted to have reached a deal with Panathinaikos FC and look forward to working with the Club to enhance the experience for fans. Ticketmaster’s range of sports-focused technology and services will allow fans to buy tickets more efficiently than ever before and we wish the team the best of luck for the new season.” said Dimitrios Petropoulos, Business Development Director Ticketmaster Hellas.

Commercial Director of Panathinaikos FC, Manolis Matsades adds “Ticketmaster’s reputation and experience in the sports industry is well known and we welcome this new partnership at the start of a new season. The NEW range of technology on offer will give fans a seamless, frictionless fan journey whilst at the same time providing a safe and secure service for PAO fans.”

Visit Pao.gr ticketing site