In 2018 a plethora of shows and events took place, that have made us proud in sports, traveled us to captivating musical evenings, inspired us with intense feelings when watching artists on the stage. Each of us, at Ticketmaster, has its own preferences and we present you our Highlights for the events of 2018.

Adam Newsam, Managing Director, Ticketmaster Sport

“Watching Olympiacos BC in the Euroleague not once, but twice! – what an amazing atmosphere!”

Anna Dimitriadi, Marketing & Sales Support Manager, Ticketmaster Hellas

“I loved the “60 Years Tolis Voskopoulos” concert in Herodion. It was not just my admiration for the artist or the amazing vibes of this theatre or the fact that it has been a sold-out event, with the crowd worshiping the singer for more than two hours. A thumbs up to all colleagues involved in organizing the event, who, despite the event’s initial postponement, coordinated it as such, achieving an even more successful outcome!”

George Efthimiou, Product Delivery Manager, Ticketmaster Hellas

The Final of the FIBA Basketball Champions League, held at OAKA, was one of the best sport experiences I ever had! The atmosphere was amazing and at the end a Greek team won the cup!”

Stelios Polkas, Account Manager, Ticketmaster Hellas

“Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of our events this year, but I would strongly recommend Dimitris Papaioannou’s new performance “New Piece I – Since She”.

Nikos Lignos, Senior Software Engineer, Ticketmaster Hellas

“My favorite event: New Piece I – Since she by Dimitris Papaioannou on Onassis Cultural Centre. A visual masterpiece!”

Elli Odampasidou, Account Manager/ Call Centre Supervisor, Ticketmaster Hellas

“Herodes Atticus: magical night in a magical place!”

Vasiliki Stamatelopoulou, Box Office Supervisor, Ticketmaster Hellas

“My favourite show was Bacchae by Aris Biniaris in Onassis Cultural Centre. A one of a kind version, with exceptional cinematic design, a well-coordinated ensemble. Necessary to point out the amazing interpretation by Christos Loulis”.

Fragiskos Kritikos, Back Office Ticketing, Onassis Cultural Centre

“Xenos” by Akram Khan, at the Onassis Cultural Centre, was the most memorable show I watched in 2018. I was amazed by the fact that I was experiencing such intense emotions and reflecting on the cruelty of war just by watching a person dancing.”

Panagiotis Pantouveris, Mid Software Engineer, Ticketmaster Hellas

“My favorite event was definitely the Rockwave festival. Great music, great vibe!”

George Kallergis, Senior Software Engineer, Ticketmaster Hellas

“Iron Maiden, by far the best live this year (can’t wait for Metallica – hope they come)”.

Eleni Georgakopoulou, Account Manager, Ticketmaster Hellas

“Reworks 2018_Thessaloniki: while anything can disappoint you, music never does. Especially when you add dance and people of all kind of backgrounds, ages and cultures, alternative sounds and a rhythm that ‘electrocutes’ you, it is an amazing experience!”

Christina Manoli, Back Office Ticketing, Onassis Cultural Centre

“My favorite performance of the previous year was “Xenos” by Akram Khan and it was presented in Onassis Cultural Centre. Akram Khan was an amazing dancer and he managed to travel us to his world and to understand his feelings by his working.”

George Sbonias, Back Office Ticketing, Onassis Cultural Centre

“For me the best moment this year was the 1000mods concert at the Theatro Vrachon. I have seen several concerts, but it was the first time I had the opportunity to watch them as headliners in an event with so many people.”

Eirini Georgiadou, Box Office Attendant, Onassis Cultural Centre

“The ‘Fast Forward Festival’ in Onassis Cultural Centre, has been for me the most special cultural event of the past year. Works and actions presented at the most unexpected points of the city. I’m looking forward to the next one!”

Sofia Zikou, Administrative Assistant, Ticketmaster Hellas

“The PYX LAX concert. I had the opportunity to enjoy live my favorite band after many years! A unique concert that traveled to us in the past”.

Miltos Kasvis, Software Engineer, Ticketmaster Hellas

“The FIBA Basketball Champions League Final Four. Memorable moments, amazing atmosphere!”

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