Ticketmaster Hellas has been exclusively selected to be the ticketing provider for the FIBA 2024 Olympic Qualifying Tournament, which is being organized by the Hellenic Basketball Federation. Greece returns to the world sporting stage as the host of the pre-Olympic tournaments in July 2024, alongside Latvia, Puerto Rico, and Spain.

The FIBA 2024 Olympic Qualifying Tournament marks Greece’s initial phase of preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games. These tournaments will determine the final four countries competing in basketball in Paris for the Summer Olympics.

The games will be hosted at the Stadium of Peace and Friendship in Piraeus, which is central to Greece’s basketball tradition. For five days from the 2nd July to the 7th July Greece will be welcoming the world’s best basketball players as they compete on the world stage in preparation for the Olympics in Paris. 

The President of the Hellenic Basketball Federation (HBC), Vangelis Liolios, stated: “The choice of the country by FIBA to hold the Pre-Olympic tournament is a great honor for us, and also a great responsibility. After 16 years, our country hosts an event of global interest as the last major event held in Greece was the 2008 Pre-Olympic tournament in Athens. In order to ensure the seamless execution of the FIBA 2024 Olympic Qualifying Tournament, we have entrusted Ticketmaster Hellas, renowned for its cutting-edge tools and extensive expertise, to deliver an unparalleled ticketing experience”.

Stefanos Kakarantzas, COO of Ticketmaster Hellas, said: “Ticketmaster Hellas, as the official ticket provider, guarantees the safe and excellent service of the fans and the public regarding the acquisition of their tickets for the FIBA 2024 Olympic Qualifying Tournament. With this collaboration we feel that we are contributing from our side to the promotion of basketball and sports in Greece. We will all work with passion to highlight global sports through an event that marks the return of Greece to the global sports center. We invite the world to experience together this celebration of sports that will mark an era in the history of basketball.”

Engage with Greece’s path to the 2024 Olympic Games while enjoying the seamless ticketing services provided by Ticketmaster!

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