In the realm of tech gatherings, Developers Day in December 2023 served as the perfect stage for Ticketmaster Hellas to showcase its prowess. Here’s a rundown of our highlights.

Ticketing Solutions and Services

Our team at Ticketmaster Hellas took the opportunity to spotlight our cutting-edge solutions and innovations in the ticketing services sector. 

Our commitment to safety, reliability and innovation in ticketing was emphasized during the event with presentations around the  themes of large data volumes processing, protection from bots, versatile payment solutions, multilingual capacity and SLA excellence. 

“Developers Day 2023 was a nexus of tech brilliance, and at Ticketmaster Hellas, we showcased our commitment to redefining ticketing services by providing insight into how our roadmap is structured. I’m excited to be part of a team driving innovation, ensuring the future of ticketing is as remarkable as the events we serve.” 

Georgios Efthimiou
Senior Product Manager

Networking and Talent Acquisition

To provide attendees with a hands-on experience, we set up interactive booths where event attendees had the opportunity not only to learn more about the features of our ticketing platform but also to gain insights into the company.

Developers Day wasn’t just about showcasing; it was also about finding the next tech stars. We snagged CVs from the talented bunch, eyeing potential recruits to join our brilliant team. 

“Developers Day 2023 was a convergence of tech minds shaping the future. Ticketmaster Hellas actively forged connections within the vibrant tech community, laying the groundwork for collaborative ventures. As Engineering Director, my role is about steering innovation and sculpting a team that defines the future of technology and entertainment.”

Triantafyllos Gavrilas
Engineering Director

We loved seeing you there and experiencing everything Ticketmaster Hellas has to offer.

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