An effective ticketing strategy needs planning and deep consideration. Yet since each market is different, sales progress might cause alterations on the initial plan. Furthermore, sales- high or low demand of tickets- often determine the number of personnel used, the functions to be involved, even the venue each session will take place. Therefore, it has become clear that a fast, real-time-data reporting tool of your online ticket sales was necessary.

To support such needs, Ticketmaster is providing the Real-Time Dashboards, with which event organizers are able to:

Receive real-time data/updates on your online ticket sales

Monitor the most important sales indicators/measures. Our reports bring you the data you need in real-time. With 40+ standard reports and the ability to create your own custom reports, you have all the data you need, instantly. We’ve built Reports with our clients’ most important requirements in mind. This way you can have quick access to crucial and up-to-date data.

Get quick access to key information with dashboards

Gaining new insights is easy with our clear visualizations, charts and graphs. You can review the results easier as all visualizations fit on a single computer screen. Select the report that indicates better your business needs and just see the information you need. Get updates on the go from your mobile phone since our system is responsive to every device.

Organize more effective marketing campaigns

Being able to view seating plans in real time and seeing any changes in more than one events in the venue is important. Our reports allow you to group all these events together and pull reporting across the group. This way you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly – create better ads – or for future events- promote early bird tickets, discounts etc.


Use on a daily basis to pull sales figures for your event. Show results not only to executive experts but also to the general workforce and make everyone involved in your return to live strategy.

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